Systems against ice and snow

Heating gutters and drain pipes

Heating cables protect roofs from snow and formation of icicles on them. Thus prevents unwanted damage to the buildings and ensures smooth discharge of water from the snow melting in winter. Suitable for residential buildings and all types of industrial buildings.Capacity of 30-40W / m1 is installed for all types of gutters and drain pipes with diameter up to f150mm.


  • installation of heating cables with shielding and UV protection
  • prevention of unintended consequences and damage caused by snow melting on buildings and passersby
  • optimization with automated control system reduces energy costs
  • savings from possible damage caused by frost in winter

Heating ramps and staircases and others.

Cables laid under the pavement on the ramps, staircases and open areas provide a smooth and safe transition for them from cars and pedestrians in winter, when snow has accumulated everywhere.


  • accessibility and safety in winter
  • possibility of laying hot asphalt on heating cables
  • precise automated control, reducing energy costs