Waterproofing of foundations and basements

1. Polymer cement waterproofing:


  • high adhesion to foundations such as concrete, brick, stone, mortar, iron and others.
  • watertight
  • water vapor permeability
  • application on damp foundations
  • high resistance to frost and salts
  • elasticity

2. Waterproofing of polymerized bitumen:


  • retains its elasticity at low temperatures
  • thick coating
  • watertight
  • contains no solvents, non-flammable
  • applied on dry and slightly damp foundations
  • crack bridging
  • can be used as an adhesive for thermal insulation boards

3. Roller waterproofing (PVC, TPO, TPO and bitumen membranes):


  • high resistance to aging
  • high tensile strength and elongation at break
  • resistance to all normally occurring in groundwater and soil aggressive substances
  • resistance to sprouting roots and microorganisms
  • resistant to mechanical  impacts
  • applied on wet and slightly wet sealed substrates
  • high elasticity at low temperatures
  • perseverance in size