Cooling system

A system of pump and spray nozzles converts the water into a micro mist droplets.

Nebulized mist absorbs heat from the air and evaporates, which lowers the temperature and gives sensation of coolness. The drier and hotter the air around it is, the higher the efficiency of the cooling system is.

Spraying water from high-pressure pump and special spray nozzles provides microdroplets fog which evaporate very quickly and easily, before they reach the floor. Systems cooling mist is available in several versions: ready sets (pump, spray nozzles and connecting pipes), individual decisions (selecting the right components for building cooling system, according to the characteristics of the site and customer requirements) and portable systems (pump nozzles mounted on a portable stand (fan) and associated systems.


  • providing better microclimate
  • diffuse fragrances
  • remove insects
  • neutralize odors
  • low consumption of water and electricity
  • long life
  • easy to use


  • gardens and parks
  • pools and water parks
  • aromatherapy
  • cafes and restaurants
  • playgrounds
  • industrial sites with high temperature and dust
  • shop for fruits and vegetables
  • greenhouses for vegetable
  • mushroom beds
  • farms for breeding animals
  • disinfection systems