Radiant heating panels transfer heat by broadcasting it. The principle of their action resembles the broadcast of solar energy that heats objects directly exposed to the sun. This type of heating radiates infrared energy waves that reach the surface of objects and people in the room and the infrared energy turns into heat.Surfaces and objects accumulate heat and radiate it in space warming air volume.

This is a gentle, natural and comfortable heating system that has many advantages over ordinary conventional systems. Depending on the rated power, the field of application and radiant heating panels are divided into two main groups:

  • high temperature- designed for rooms with large size and ceiling height (production halls, gymnasiums, warehouses, etc.).
  • low temperature - designed for heating of premises, offices, jobs, hotel lobbies and more.


  • comfortable environment at a lower air temperature
  • reduced air circulation
  • reduced levels of dust and other particles
  • reduce condensation on the walls
  • possibility for total or zone heating
  • quiet operation
  • long exploatation term
  • harmless to humans. Infrared heat has a positive effect on the immune system and helps to its strengthen