In case of problem or disagreement

By law, you have the right to (1) a certain quality of service and (2) ways to troubleshoot problems, if any. These General Terms and Conditions do not limit or deprive you of these rights. For example, if you are a consumer, you retain all legal rights granted to consumers under applicable law.

We provide our services with the skills and care of a good trader. If we do not meet the quality level described in this warranty, you agree to let us know and we will endeavor to resolve the issue with you.
Limitations of liability

The only commitments we make to our services (including their content, specific features of our services or their reliability, availability or ability to meet your needs) are (1) described in the Warranty section, (2) set out in the additional General Terms and Conditions. level of service or (3) provided in accordance with applicable law. We make no other commitments to our services.
For all users

These Terms and Conditions limit our liability only to the extent permitted by applicable law. In particular, they do not limit Google's liability for death, personal injury, fraud, fraudulent misrepresentation, gross negligence or willful misconduct.

In addition to the rights and responsibilities described in this section (In the event of a problem or disagreement), Google will not be liable for any other losses unless caused by our breach of these Terms or additional Terms of Service.
Only for business users and organizations

If you are a business user or organization, to the extent permitted by applicable law:

You will indemnify Google and the directors, officers, employees and subcontractors of Google for all legal proceedings from third parties (including actions by governmental authorities) arising out of or in connection with the unlawful use of the Services or your breach of these Terms or Additional Terms. level of service on your part. This indemnity covers any liability or costs arising from claims, losses, damages, decisions, fines, legal costs and legal fees.
Google will not be responsible for the following:
loss of profits, income, business opportunities, reputation or expected income;
indirect or indirect loss;
criminal damages;
Google's general liability arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions is limited to (1) EUR 500 or (2) 125% of the fees you paid for using the Services in the 12 months prior to the breach (whichever is the case). is of greater value).

If the law releases you from certain responsibilities, including compensation, according to these General Terms and Conditions, these responsibilities do not apply to you. For example, the UN enjoys certain privileges for exemption from legal obligations, which are not repealed by these General Terms and Conditions.
Take action in case of problems

Before taking the action below, we will warn you within a reasonable time, describe the reason for our action, and give you the opportunity to resolve the issue, unless we have reasonable grounds to believe that this will result in:

causing harm or liability to a user, third party or Google;
violation of the law or an order of a law enforcement body;
compromising investigation;
compromising the operation, integrity or security of our services.

Remove your content

If we have reason to believe that your content (1) violates these Terms, Additional Terms or Service-Level Terms, (2) violates applicable law, or (3) may harm our users, third parties, or Google, then your we reserve the right to download all or part of the content in accordance with applicable law. Examples include child pornography, content that facilitates human trafficking or harassment, and material that infringes intellectual property rights.
Suspend or terminate your access to Google services

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to the Services or to delete your Google Account if any of the following occur:

you materially or repeatedly violate these Terms, Additional Terms, or Service-Level Rules
we are obliged to do so in order to comply with a legal requirement or court order;
We have reason to believe that your conduct harms or engages the liability of a user, a third party, or Google - for example, through malicious modification, phishing, harassment, spamming, misleading others, or compiling content that does not belong to you.

If you believe your Google Account has been suspended or terminated in error, you can appeal.

Of course, you have the opportunity to stop using our services at any time. If you do, we'll be happy to share the reason