About Us

About Us

Beldo Constructions Ltd. offers professional services in the field of Waterproofing (foundations, basements, loading ramps, tanks, treatment plants, flat roofs, balconies, bathrooms, etc.).Our experience, timely response and excellent communication with the customer make us a preferred partner for the waterproofing, as in the industrial and public purposes.

An essential part of our work involves the sale and installation of heating and cooling systems (systems against ice and snow, radiant heating, underfloor heating, systems for cooling by bluring and more).

Consultation of the client's site allows us to offer efficient solutions, achieving an excellent balance between price and satisfaction with the product.

The company offers a wide range of PVC flooring, epoxy and polyurethane self-leveling flooring which are widely used in public and industrial buildings.

Offering additional services in construction (refurbishment of reinforced concrete structures, injection of resin, protection of steel structures from corrosion and others) facilitate and significantly improve the performance of our customers.

Beldo Constructions Ltd. has partnered successfully with the largest producers of construction chemistry, waterproofing materials, specialized heating systems, etc.We offer tested products which are sold worldwide ensuring reliability and comfort