About Us

Beldo Constructions Ltd. offers professional services in the field of Waterproofing (foundations, basements, loading ramps, tanks, treatment plants, flat roofs, balconies, bathrooms, etc.).Our experience, timely response and excellent communication with the customer make us a preferred partner for the waterproofing, as in the industrial and public purposes.

An essential part of our work involves the sale and installation of heating and cooling systems (systems against ice and snow, radiant heating, underfloor heating, systems for cooling by bluring and more).


Bulgaria, Varna
West industrial zone, West Logistics Park AD (ex brewery)

tel:0889 / 99 40 30
fax:052 / 672 636



Wide variety of different types of materials we work with and our experience, allow us to cover the requirements relating to quality and long life of your site.

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Flooring suitable for all types of buildings and premises.Wear resistant, withstand different loads. Ideal for renovation of old floors or realization of future projects.

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Specialized services in construction related to the recovery of the rehabilitation of buildings and facilities. Construction of new buildings and performing various types of finishings.

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Heating and cooling systems

Comfortable solution for underfloor heating, in line/consistent with the wishes of our clients and satisfying all requirements related to the characteristics of the flooring.

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