Electrical foil for floor heating.

This type of foil is applied directly under the flooring of wood and laminate. The maximum thickness of 0.4 mm, makes it an ideal solution for electric underfloor heating in the course of reconstruction and renovation so you do not need the old floors to be removed. Covering 80% of the free surface in the room (no heating foil is installed under static furniture, beds, wardrobes, etc.), provides a uniform and balanced distribution of temperature. Technical parameters of the heating foil ensure the important limitations for the used flooring materials.

Section of underfloor heating foil
1. laminate
2. PE protective film
3. heating foil
4. insulation board
5. basis



  • installed directly under any kind of wood and laminate floors, while respecting all their limitations (maximum temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • balanced distribution of heat over the entire surface
  • precise temperature control, leads to its reduction of power consumption
  •  low power 60-80W / m2
  • no dehumidification
  • its unique design makes it resilient to mechanical damage (drilling of nails, drills, etc.)
  • lasting life